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Steve has worked in the jewelry business for more than a decade. He traveled the country representing engagement ring manufacturers and ultimately found that his passion was in helping consumers navigate the diamond buying process. He transitioned to an in-house retail position, but was always dreaming of opening his own store.  Enter Zhabrina, an entrepreneur in her own right. Economic and political circumstances forced her to flee from her home country of Venezuela to the Dominican Republic, with one suitcase to her name. She started selling empanadas on the street that she made in the kitchen of her shared apartment. Within months, she was operating a successful business, catering healthy meals to busy professionals. She eventually moved to the U.S. to be closer to family. With Steve's expertise and Zhabrina's Latina hustle, they decided to dive in head first. 

Steve set out to make The Diamond Bar into a low pressure, stress free shopping experience where customers can come in, have a coffee or a cocktail and have Steve guide you through the diamond buying process.

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